The Beard Struggle Reviewed – Grow A Beard Like THOR’S

The Beard Struggle Reviewed – Grow A Beard Like THOR’S

About The Beard Struggle

At The Beard Struggle, we are a fellowship from everywhere the world. We empower bearders and their admirers that wish to change the world. We are attempting to make a development. We are the battle, we are the scalawags, and we are each development supporting the opportunity and development of our facial hair culture.

The Beard Struggle is a festival of facial reasonable and strong manliness. We don’t accept that a facial hair growth makes one a man. Manliness is tied in with filling in affection, beauty, selflessness and administration.

Whiskers have been brought back amazingly, however the thing I accept is getting back to us is more prominent than that. We are bringing back a way of life that has been forgotten by man — a way of life that has been lost because of our absence of association with our manliness.

We couldn’t want anything more than to see another extraordinary period of the facial hair! Not a simple prevailing fashion, but rather an age of men who grow up and age well wearing the manly imprint.

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