Madison Reed Reviewed – Professional Hair Color at Home

Madison Reed Reviewed – Professional Hair Color at Home

Is it accurate to say that you are needing to attempt another hair tone however don’t have space in your financial plan for standard visits to a salon? Madison Reed Hair Dye may simply be the appropriate response you’re searching for.

Box color can be startling. All things considered, not all hair tone is made equivalent. On the off chance that you’ve at any point taken a stab at shading items from your neighborhood pharmacy, you may have a harrowing tale or two of your own.

Be that as it may, Madison Reed professes to be in a completely unexpected class in comparison to your normal box color. In any case, do they satisfy these cases? We should investigate and perceive how it analyzes to different items available.

Madison Reed: A Hair Color That’s Better for Your Health?

Madison Reed asserts their hair color for home use is a lot more secure than different brands. They notice every one of the terrible fixings found in different items, yet not in Madison Reed’s recipes.

Their site is educational, yet we did some more profound burrowing. Is Madison Reed’s hair tone for the home really more grounded than the others?

We love items that say regular, or sound however what we have discovered is the marking isn’t in every case clear. With individuals searching for better alternatives, numerous items and fixings have gone under the magnifying lens in a manner of speaking.

With regards to our food it could be simpler to discover synthetic compounds recorded on the names yet shouldn’t something be said about our excellence items? Are these fixings more obvious?

A new commercial for Madison Reed got us inquisitive. The lady in the advertisement talks about the fact that it is so critical to have the best fixings and how different items were simply excessively darn perilous to put on your scalp.

Our initial feeling was of a lady who was thinking often and enthusiastic about carrying sound items to different ladies. It sounded great. It is actually the thing the present ladies are searching for. With such countless colors and synthetic compounds, ladies are searching for solid choices in the entirety of their items.

We discovered the site to be engaging and proficient. It plainly talks about the significance of utilizing great fixings. Their statement of purpose is To make lavish, at‑home hair tone with fixings you can have a positive outlook on.

Madison Reed and synthetic concerns

Madison Reed’s site specifies 6 key fixings their hair colors don’t have; they are liberated from alkali, parabens, resorcinol, PPD, phthalates, and gluten. The site claims it is the main Smart 6 Free perpetual hair tone available.,

However, ask yourself, for what reason do so numerous hair colors have fixings like smelling salts, and PPD? They should have a reason. On the off chance that Madison Reed takes out those synthetics in their items what are they utilizing to supplant them?


Alkali opens the fingernail skin layer of the hair permitting the shading atoms to enter. This is critical to get the hair to take on the new shading and save it’s anything but a significant stretch.

Alkali assists with making the hair color perpetual rather than impermanent or semi-lasting. Madison Reed hair color doesn’t utilize smelling salts for the interaction yet rather utilizes ethanolamine.

As indicated by the Environmental Working Group, ethanolamine is appraised 5-6 on a harmfulness scale. Ten is the most elevated. The EWG worries over ethanolamine incorporate respiratory poisons and allergens.

Additionally a fixing can cause skin aggravations and ought not be left on the skin for extensive stretches of time. We don’t know what that implies in light of the fact that hair colors are by and large surrendered on for to 45 minutes. That is unquestionably sufficient opportunity to disturb the lungs and skin.

Unexpectedly, as indicated by the FWG’s data set, alkali is evaluated lower in harmfulness. It’s anything but a rating of 4-6. Albeit the thing that matters isn’t gigantic alkali has all the earmarks of being more secure.

On the off chance that it the smelling salts’ scent that irritates you, changing to ethanolamine will not be greatly improved. The smell is somewhat more vulnerable however practically the same.


P-phenylenediamine is the synthetic compound most famously known as PPD. PPD is utilized to make a more obscure tone in hair colors and tattoos. The Madison Reed site states how unsafe this fixing in and again guarantees how great they are in NOT to utilize it in their hair colors.

PPD can cause skin bothering, rashes, hives, and so on to the numerous who are touchy to it. Madison Reed needs you to know this since they give it a second thought, yet what they have supplanted by and by isn’t better. Madison Reed replaces PPD with Para Toluene Diamine (PTD).

As per the Skin Deep information base which reports testing and poisonousness PPD rates a 7 out of 10. The substitute, PTD is evaluated a 8 on the poisonousness scale.

Madison Reed’s site cautions that any individual who has hypersensitivities to PPD may likewise have a response to PTD. Nonetheless, they guarantee PTD responses may not be as serious. As we would like to think, any skin response is a genuine one.


It is exceptionally poisonous to the resistant framework. In creature contemplates, resorcinol can disturb the creation of thyroid chemicals by meddling with iodine take-up in the thyroid organ. It is evaluated 8 out of 10 in the Skin Deep information base.

Madison Reed utilizes 2-methylresorcinol to help add tone to the hair fingernail skin. It is appraised lower than resorcinol in the Skin Deep Database with a 4 out of 10 yet the EWG states there isn’t sufficient information about the substance. Despite the fact that the poisonousness rating is less, 2-methylresorcinol is as yet a chemical disruptor.

One of Madison Reed’s hostile fixings is gluten. In case you’re gluten-delicate, stay away from it no matter what, yet a great many people are simply worried about burning-through gluten, not placing it in their hair. Furthermore, for what reason would gluten be in a hair color, in any case?

Gluten is a protein found in grains. We have discovered no hair color items with gluten, so expressing your item is without gluten is a promoting ploy.

After perusing the full rundown of hair color fixings, it was hard to track down whatever really seems normal or solid. We saw keratin, and ginseng root pressed in among the not insignificant rundown of synthetic mixtures. Other than that, nothing else dazzled us.


Numerous items list aroma on the name, however barely any name the particular fixings used to make a scent. Organizations are not needed to list the specific substance of this fixing. This absence of divulgence keeps shoppers from knowing precisely what is in the item.

While most aroma synthetic substances are not accessible to the purchaser, we do realize a few synthetic substances are connected to genuine medical issues like malignant growth, regenerative and formative poisonousness.

An organization that desires to fulfill its wellbeing cognizant client will utilize smells from blossoms, spices, or fundamental oils. They will gladly show this.

At the point when an item records aroma as a fixing, you can be certain it’s anything but normal. Madison Reeds’ fixing list utilizes the term aroma, so this is an unmistakable admonition sign as we would see it.

The most effective method to Select Your Perfect Shade of Madison Reed Permanent Hair Color

Madison Reed has concocted an astonishing thought. They have fostered a poll that aids you choosing the ideal shade dependent on your necessities and needs. This can be gainful to ladies who have no clue about where to begin while picking a shading.

The site takes you through a progression of inquiries, for example, how frequently do you tone, what tone is your normal hair and what tone do you wish to get. It tends to the measure of dark a lady may have and the surface of her locks. The responses to these inquiries assume a part in the result of your completed item.

When shopping at your number one store to purchase an at-home hair color, you don’t can ask anybody which item or shade would be appropriate for you.

Home shading packs don’t make reference to which tone is best for a vigorously grayed lady with straight hair instead of a lady with thick wavy hair that has practically zero dim. When shopping in a store, you pick a shading, take it home and petition God for generally advantageous.

Madison Reed even offers an online visit line or telephone number so you may converse with an expert. That is an element that is special and would cause any lady to feel more certain when settling on what shade and recipe to pick.

Is Madison Reed More Expensive?

Madison Reed’s hair color for home is somewhat more costly than what you will discover in your pharmacy. In view of what the unit offers, we would say it is more costly than it definitely should be.

It isn’t unexpected for some, hair shading packs to accompany gloves, a hair cap, and an examining of cleanser and conditioner, so there isn’t anything extra here.

One expansion anyway that we like is the boundary cream. This is a cream you put up and down the hairline. Extraordinary for the color may dribble or run unto your skin. By and large, hair color will stain your skin whenever left on excessively long. The obstruction cream will make it quick and simple to clear off if this happens.

We are speculating the explanation it is so costly is a result of the extravagant bundling and commercial. The case that shows up via the post office is the thing that you may call extravagant. Every item in the unit additionally comes in its own wonderfully hued, planned box.

We took a gander at other hair shading packs and found their gloves and covers are altogether pleasantly positioned inside the guidelines. There is no requirement for additional bundling.

We’re not sure why this is fundamental and for an organization that professes to be a sound other option, they aren’t giving any indications of worries over the strength of the climate.

We are likewise speculating the exorbitant cost tag is to pay for the publicizing and available to come in to work advisors.

Madison Reed can be bought on the web and forte salons. Having exceptionally prepared advisors is extraordinary, yet we don’t know it merits the cost.


  • Online Questionnaire to help select shade
  • Online Instructions
  • Experts accessible
  • Shampoos, conditioners, and different items offered to keep up hair tone and sparkle.


  • Deceiving fixing data
  • Exorbitant bundling
  • Excessive cost

Last Thoughts on Madison Reed Products

After much examination on Madison Reed’s hair color, we have inferred that the CEO’s energy to engage ladies to be their true selves doesn’t have any significant bearing to the organization. We discover the ad, and statement of purpose to be deceptive.

We comprehend tracking down a characteristic hair color item is troublesome, yet a few organizations endeavor to make their colors as protected as could be expected. Madison Reed has dispensed for certain brutal fixings, however they sneaked through some clueless ones as substitutes.

In the event that you need to adjust your hair’s regular tones, we encourage you to discover items with fixings that have a high wellbeing rating. Madison Reed’s fixings don’t.

Assuming fixings are not your anxiety, Madison’s Reed’s Home Dye Kits can be an extravagant decision. With specialists accessible to address every one of your inquiries and a fun simple test to help you settle on a choice, utilizing Madison Reed will give you the inclination you are a significant buyer. At times client care is significant, yet you will pay an exorbitant price for it.

Have you at any point attempted Madison Reed items? What’s your opinion about them? Tell us in the remarks beneath.

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