Wolven|Threads Reviewed – Make Sustainability Sexy

Wolven|Threads Reviewed – Make Sustainability Sexy

Make Sustainability Sexy

Wolven believe being active connects us to our environment, so Wolven create innovative activewear that gives back to the planet. Designed in Downtown Los Angeles with sustainable fabrics, each style is produced in small batches. For the nature-lovers at heart, these earth-inspired prints are designed to instantly transport you to the magic of the sacred outdoors — even if you’re powering through asanas inside.

Carbon Off-Set Initiatives

It’s not enough to operate as sustainably as possible, so they have also invested in programs that offset the emissions they’ve created. To address their carbon footprint they’ve partnered with Climate Neutral. This means measuring their greenhouse gas emissions footprint, purchasing carbon credits to offset that footprint, and implementing plans to reduce emissions moving forward.

This means your Wolvens are carbon–neutral (yay!). These carbon credits support a range of projects such as rainforest conservation and landfill methane-capture.

Rest assured that they’re doing everything they can to deliver a product with the lowest possible impact.

Recycled PET Fabrics

I have seen Wolven sprinkled all over Instagram by wellness influencers and celebration attendees the same. The Los Angeles-based brand is known for its printed sports clothing and spotlight on supportability. The vast majority of the brand’s pieces are made with post-shopper reused plastic — pretty cool, isn’t that so? — and every deal eliminates one pound of plastic from the sea. With a particularly insightful plan of action, I was eager to try out certain pieces for myself.

It ends up, these Summit Crossover Pocket Leggings ($104) are my new top picks, both for my virtual yoga classes and for simply relaxing around the house. The texture is madly delicate, and I love that the leg pockets are sufficiently large to accommodate my telephone. They fit consistent with size — I’m wearing the huge, for reference. At the point when I need to feel set up, I pair the tights with the coordinating with Summit Crisscross Four-Way Top ($74), which is strong without feeling choking.

I can hardly wait to put resources into some more shades of these magnificent tights; I think they’ll be a significant piece of my work-from-home uniform. Peruse on to see more alternatives and treat yourself — on the grounds that let’s face it, we could all utilization some more comfortable stuff directly about at this point.

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